rSuperstars 2013

Kindergarten superstars!

Sophia is a student in Ms. Ouyang's kindergarten class at Glenwood Elementary School in Chapel Hill.

rSuperstars 2013

Meet Senior Citizen Editor

Thomas McKinney is a former altar boy, taxicab driver, and retired chemical/environmental engineer. Sadly, he attended college prior to the PC revolution. However, he can (and will) talk at length about IBM punch cards and black & white television sets with rabbit ears. Mr. McKinney has a B.S.E. in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan and is currently an elderly student at UNC in Chapel Hill taking courses in computer science and Chinese language. When dressed nicely and talking to himself on campus he is often mistaken as someone visiting a grandchild and politely directed to the Visitors Center. When dressed too casually and talking to himself he is frequently mistaken as a homeless man and politely directed to Franklin Street. Mr. McKinney's career goal is to learn not to talk to himself in public. (Good luck with that!)

Chinese Dual Language, Chapel Hill

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