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Chapel Hill Soccer wins state championship!

Chapel Hill High School scored twice in the second half to win the state soccer championship. Watch both goals in the video shown above. Mia Spencer scored the first goal with an assist from Alex Kimball. Megan Dell scored the winning goal on a pass from Sofie Nielson. (View more video and images.)

Chapel Hill Soccer wins state championship!

The Ballet School of Chapel Hill
Aurora's Wedding, a performance by The Ballet School of Chapel Hill. (View images.)

Kindergarten superstars!

Shown in the video above is Leo, one of the many talented students in Ms. Ouyang's kindergarten class at Glenwood Elementary School in Chapel Hill. Also, watch Eric and Julia as they take turns performing for the class. See how Thomas maintains eye contact with his audience while playing. Also, watch Sophia's confident performance as a beginning piano student.

Finally, watch two of the school's many talented teachers, Ms. Ouyang and Dr. Jessie Sneed, play for the class.


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