rSuperstars 2013

New iPhone app training

Introduction to Building Applications for the iPhone and iPad

for Creative & Curious People!

Do you have an idea for a new app?

Do you have a curious and creative mindset?

This unique, introductory training course (consisting of three 90-minute segments) provides attendees with a basic understanding of how to build applications for the iPhone and iPad. The objective of the course is to introduce the fundamentals for building useful and interesting iPhone and iPad apps using a teaching approach that is relaxed and highly visual. A technical background is not needed for this course, but a sharp and curious mind is highly recommended.

This course provides the introductory building blocks of knowledge and presents the essential tools needed to develop your own applications for career, business, hobby, or leisure. It gently introduces terminology and concepts that are rapidly becoming essential knowledge in a fast-changing, technology-driven world. The course is designed to provide a friendly entrance door to the "mesh" of creative ideas and technology through a greater understanding of the powerful, yet elegantly simple, iPhone and iPad devices.

The course will be offered for FREE in the Chapel Hill area, during the summer months of 2013, as part of research activity related to a new textbook (Teaching Mobile Application Development for iOS and Android). To sign up to attend, please contact us at or (919) 368-5230. Class sizes will be limited and may include video recording of selected course segments.

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