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Course Outline for Earth & Environmental Science

Earth & Environmental Science 2015

(Mr. McKinney, Spring 2015)

January 20-30: Scientific Method (Exam on January 28, 2015)
Learn about UNC's Institute for the Environment (UNC at Chapel Hill, 2015)
Learn about NC State's Dept. of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences (NC State, 2015)
Learn about Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment (Duke University, 2015)
Earth & Environmental Science - NC Essential Standards

February 2-27: Astronomy & Earth (Exam on February 27, 2015)
Learn about UNC's Morehead Planetarium & Science Center (UNC at Chapel Hill, 2015)
View the latest news from NASA (NASA, 2015)
Review vocabulary & questions
Test questions
Test questions with Answers

February 28 - March 9: Spring Break

March 9-18: Lithosphere (Unit Pacing Guide)
Learn about the NC Museum of Natural Sciences (Raleigh, 2015)
Learn about the McKinney Geology Teaching Museum at ASU (Appalachian State University, 2015)
Graphics help in understanding powerful and deadly Earthquake in Nepal (Washington Post, 2015)
"Dig it! Secrets of Soil," Exhibition runs through August 16, 2015 (NC Museum of Natural Sciences, 2015)
Practice test questions

March 19-31: Hydrosphere Part I
Cape Fear River Basin (NC Environmental Education, 2015)
Scientists report on new study of Ocean Plankton (BBC, 2015)
Practice test questions

April 1-21: Hydrosphere Part II (Exam on April 21, 2015)
NC Water Quality Program (NCSU, 2015)
How Israel utilizes Desalination Plants to fight drought (NY Times, 2015)

April 12 - May 11: Atmosphere & Weather (Exam on May 11, 2015)
What is the current Air Quality in North Carolina? (NC DENR, 2015)
Air Pollution from the use of Coal in China - Progress and Challenges (MIT Technology Review, 2015)
Test questions
Test questions with Answers

May 11 - May 19: Climate & Climate Change (Exam on May 19, 2015)
Stanford Scientists say warming temperatures implicated in recent California Droughts (Stanford University, 2015)
Global Warming more moderate than worst-case models (Duke University, 2015)

May 20: Science Fair (LCHS from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm)

May 21-26: Ecology (Exam on May 26, 2015)
Learn about NC Environmental Education (NC DENR, 2015)
Test questions
Test questions with Answers

May 27 - May 28: Sustainability
Fracking in North Carolina (Appalachian State University, 2015)

May 28 - June 5: Course Review for Final Exam
Earth & Environmental Science - NC Essential Standards
Test questions on June 1, 2015
Test questions with Answers on June 1, 2015
Test questions on June 2, 2015

June 5: Final Examination
Be sure to get a good night's sleep!

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