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Course Outline for Introduction to Networking

Introduction to Networking 2015

(Fall 2015)

August 13 - September 8: Introduction to Networking (Presentations on September 10, 2015)
Learn about Computer Networking at NC State (NCSU, 2015)
Learn about Research Areas in Computer Science at UNC (UNC at Chapel Hill, 2015)
Learn about Duke's Systems and Architecture Group (Duke University, 2015)
Learn about UC Berkeley's Research Centers and Labs (UC Berkeley, 2015)
Learn about research in Operating Systems and Networking at UC Berkeley (UC Berkeley, 2015)
Networks - Historical Perspective (Duke University)

September 9 - September 24: Introduction to the Layers of the OSI Model
Understanding the Seven Layers of Computer Networks (
Introduction to Networking (

September 25 - October 8: Introduction to the TCP/IP Model and Protocols (Exam on September 25, 2015)
Introduction to TCP/IP (WUST, R. Jain, 2015)
Overview of TCP/IP (UNC, J.B. Smith, 2015)

October 9 - October 21: Physical and Logical Topologies (Exam on October 23, 2015)
What is Topology?
Computer Network Topology (WUST, R. Jain, 2015)

October 22 - November 2: Number Systems and IP Addressing
IP Addressing (CISCO)

November 3-12: Media, Devices, and LAN Operations
Networking and Devices (SF College)

November 13-19: Configuring Routers and Switches
Introduction to Routing (CISCO)
Introduction to LAN Adapters, Hubs, Switches, and Routers (IBM)

November 20-30: Configuring Static and Dynamic Routing
Configuring Static Routing (CISCO)
Dynamic Routing Protocols (CISCO)

December 1-14: Final Group Project and Course Review

December 15-18: Final Exam
Be sure to get a good night's sleep!

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