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Course Outline for Java Programming

Java Programming 2015

(Mr. McKinney, Fall 2015)

August 13 - September 4: Introduction to the Java Language (Exam on September 8, 2015)
Learn about the UNC Computer Science Program (UNC at Chapel Hill, 2015)
Learn about the NC State Computer Science Program (NC State, 2015)
Learn about the Duke University Computer Science Program (Duke, 2015)
How is Java Programming used in developing Android applications?
Yes, Students can engage in meaningful Scientific Research! (The University of Michigan, 2015)

September 8 - September 24: Classes and Objects (Exam on September 25, 2015)
What is Object-Oriented Thinking?
What is Object-Oriented Programming?
Introduction to Java Classes
Creating Java Objects from Classes

September 25 - October 9: Inheritance and Polymorphism (Exam on October 9, 2015)
Introduction to the use of Inheritance in Java Programming
What is an Interface and why is it important?
What is Polymorphism?

October 9 - October 23: Standard Classes (Exam on October 23, 2015)
What is the String class and why is it important?
Introduction to Java's Math class

October 24 - November 1: Control Statements and Program Design (Exam on November 1, 2015)
Control Flow Statements in Java
Designing a Java Program with Model-View-Controller (MVC)

November 1-9: Arrays and Array Lists (Exam on November 9, 2015)
What are Collections and Data Structures?
Introduction to Java Arrays
Why are Array Lists widely used in Java Programming??

November 10-17: Recursion (Exam on November 17, 2015)
Introduction to Recursion in Computer Programming

November 18-30: Sorting and Searching (Exam on November 30, 2015)
Sorting Methods and an Introduction to Selection Sort
Introduction to Insertion Sort

December 1-14: Group Project and Course Review

December 15-18: Final Examination
Be sure to get a good night's sleep!

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