rSuperstars 2015

Course Outline

Introduction to Data Science 2015

(Fall 2015)

August 13 - 20: Introduction to Data Science
Learn about NC State's Advanced Analytics program (NC State, 2015)
Learn about NC State's Data Science Lab (NCSU, 2015)
Learn about Duke's Information Initiative (Duke, 2015)
Learn about UNC Charlotte's Data Science Initiative (UNC at Charlotte, 2015)
Learn about the UNC Statistics program (UNC at Chapel Hill, 2015)
Learn about the UNC Computer Science program (UNC at Chapel Hill, 2015)
Learn about the Duke University Computer Science program (Duke, 2015)

August 20 - September 8: Visualizing Data
Think of it as Art!
Introduction to Data Visualization!

September 9 - September 22: What are the Chances? (Exam on September 25, 2015)
Flipping coins, rolling dice, and playing with a deck of cards!

September 23 - October 2: What is Linear Regression and why is it important?
Introduction to Linear Regression
Fundamentals of Linear Regression

October 3 - 17: What is Machine Learning?
Guest Speaker
Introduction to Machine Learning

October 18 - 25: Why are Python and the R Programming Language widely used Data Science Tools?
An entertaining introduction to Python and the R Programming Language!

October 26 - 31: Why are we interested in Clustering?
Introduction to Clustering

November 1-15: Why are Decision Trees important in Data Science?
What are Decision Trees?

November 16-30: How does MapReduce work?
Introduction to MapReduce!
Getting Started with MapReduce!
What is Hadoop?
What is Spark?

December 1-14: Group Projects and Course Review

December 15-18: Final Examination
Be sure to get a good night's sleep!

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